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Good Afternoon Somerville School Community,

I am writing this afternoon to provide an update regarding the Somerville Middle School
Principal opening. I am excited to share that we are transferring Mr. Scott Hade, current
Somerville High School Assistant Principal and MAPS program Principal to the position of
Somerville Middle School Principal and Maps Principal.

Mr. Scott Hade has served in various leadership positions in the district during his long tenure in
the district (Teacher at SHS, Athletic Director, Assistant Principal at SHS, and Principal at
MAPS) and is very qualified to take on this new role and the associated responsibilities. Mr.
Hade will bring stability to the Middle School with his proven leadership skills. In addition, he
has familiarity with many of the Middle School staff members. For families, it is important to
know that Mr. Hade is an individual who is visible, accessible, and provides open and honest
communication with families, students, and staff. As an added benefit to the district, Mr. Hade
will be able to serve as a continuous resource for the High School since he is remaining in the

Although the transfer of Mr. Hade will create a void in Somerville High School, please know that
the entire administrative team will be providing support to both Somerville Middle School and
Somerville High School throughout the transition and afterwards. Collectively, we desire a
smooth transition that does not impact students or staff and want to ensure all needed
resources and support are provided to both schools. Mr. Jerry Foley, Somerville High School
Principal, will be starting the process to seek an Assistant Principal replacement and we will all
be supporting his efforts.

So, please join me in welcoming Mr. Scott Hade as the Principal of Somerville Middle School
and Principal of MAPS! I believe Mr. Scott Hade and Mr. Joe Tauriello will make a tremendous
team that will be able to create a dynamic Middle School learning environment.
Please enjoy the 4th of July holiday weekend!


Dr. Timothy M. Teehan