I'm excited to get to know the students, staff, and community.

- Sean Ferguson


I'm excited to be able to plant some roots in Somerville and watch them grow in the coming years.

- Nicolas Noa

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I'm excited to meet and work with students and support a happy and healthy school climate

- Erin Rosenberg

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I'm excited to meet all of the students and get to work alongside all the staff members. I'm also excited to bring in some new ideas and additional energy to the Phys Ed Department.

- Madeline Spolarich


I am excited to make new connections and build relationships with the students, staff, and faculty!

- Audrey Janosko

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I'm excited to bring my energy and leadership to bring out the best in the students.

- Michael Knitowski

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I am very excited to build relationships with my students and get involved with the Somerville High School community!

- Jessica MacDonald

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I'm excited for new students and new colleagues!

- Chris Pauley

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I am excited to build relationships with my students and match each of them to their new favorite book.

- Meghan Sullivan


It's my first year in New Jersey so I'm excited to be in a NJ school!

- Julie Grossman

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I am most excited to meet my students, create connections, and inspire and be inspired by this work that I am so passionate about! This is going to be a great year!

- Tamara Guzman