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"Making connections with students and creating a positive learning environment!"

- Rhyann Dominick- English Teacher - Leave Replacement

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"I am excited to be Somerville and find out what activities students are passionate about! "

- Josiah PanzaName- Physical Education/Health Teacher

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"I'm excited to meet new people and help my students reach their goals."

- Anthony Carida- Special Education - Social Studies Teacher

"This new opportunity to work with students about a subject that is important to their future."

- Matthew Melesurgo- Business Education Teacher

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"I am excited to become a member of the Somerville community and to instill a passion for science in students."

- David Hardy- Biology Teacher

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""I am excited for a fun filled year in The Ville! I am eager to get involved early within the Business Education Department, Somerville Athletics, and the many other clubs and activities that the High School has to offer! Good luck Pioneers!:)"

- Kurt Lorentzen- Business Education Teacher

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"I am excited to watch my students grow and develop throughout the year!"

- Kellie Joyce- Social Studies Teacher

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- Liz Moliterno- Special Education Teacher


"Meeting the students and seeing the projects they create."

- Mike Travaline- Science Teacher

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"I am very excited to be supporting students at the high school level. It will be new for me as I have worked more so with the younger population; it makes me nervous but excited at the same time!"

- Latisha Gandhi- School Psychologist

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"Sharing my enthusiasm for science with a new group of students."

- Beth Vroom- Chemistry Teacher

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"Interaction with students and to see how they grow into powerful young individuals."

- Naadir Betts- Instructioanl Aide

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"I am most excited about connecting with students and getting involved in the Somerville community !

- Meghan Macaluso- Spanish Teacher

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"I am excit"ed to get to know the students and help them succeed!!

- Donna Medeiros- Business Teacher