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"Getting to spend another year at VDV making new memories with students! Getting to spend another year at VDV making new memories with students!

- Joselyn Navarro - 3rd Grade Teacher

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"To meet all the awesome students at Van Derveer!"

- Jacob Blumberg- 4th Grade Teacher

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"Building relationships, making new memories, and learning from different perspectives."

- Albina Alijaj- Preschool Teacher

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"Connecting with students and be a part of the Ville!"

- Annabelle Madamba- MD 3-5 Teacher - Leave Replacement

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"I am excited to be a part of the Somerville & VDV Team and to be able to help my students accomplish their dreams."

- Trevor Price- 5th Grade Teacher


"I'm looking forward to teaching the youngest members of the Somerville Public Schools. I can't wait to see them grow and all they will learn!

- Laurinda Lombardi- Preschool Teacher


"I am most excited to meet new staff, students and families!"

- Cynthia Brennan- School Nurse

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"I am so excited to make new connections with both students and staff in the community!"

- Julia Bayait- Kindergarten Teacher

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"To meet new students and further my passion for education. "

- Brittany DeRogatis- Special Education Instructional Assistan

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"Making connections with all my new students and seeing smiles everyday!!"

- Leah Brennan-4th Grade Teacher


"The energy of this fantastic district!"

- Brittany Kraly- Special Education Teacher