Clubs & Activties at Somerville

An easy way to make the most of your time here at The Ville is to take part of the vast opportunity the number of clubs, activities and athletics that are available! Participating in clubs and activities that interest you is a great way to broaden your horizons and help your academic career soar to new heights! No matter what grade level you are, the opportunities are boundless for you here at The Ville!

At Van Derveer School, we have the following offerings for our elementary students:

  • Instrumental Band
  • Choir
  • Student Government (3rd-5th Grade)
  • Safety Patrol (5th Grade only)
  • Girls on the Run
  • Community Enrichment (formerly called Art Program)

At Somerville Middle School, the clubs available are as follows:

Of course, athletics are offered at SMS and they are:

Fall Athletics: Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Cross Country

Winter Athletics: Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Wrestling, Winter Cheer

Spring Athletics:  Baseball, Softball

At Somerville High School, the opportunities are boundless and plentiful and the number of clubs & activities is higher, which gives you even more to do! Please visit this page to see a detailed list of all the clubs and activities available.

For Fall Athletics at Somerville High School, the list is as follows: 

For Winter Athletics at Somerville High School, the list is as follows:

And for Spring Athletics, the list is as follows:

Whatever you are passionate about, you're guaranteed to find something that fits your interests here at Somerville. For the latest updates on clubs and activities, please visit your respective schools webpages. And keep your eyes peeled on this page later this week when we highlight some individual clubs and activities that make The Ville what it is!