5 Essential Back to School Tips!

It's back-to-school season here at The Ville! This time of year is always filled with promise of new beginnings and opportunities for growth. To ensure you have an incredible academic year, you have to be prepared with a proper game plan. Here are some worthwhile tips to make this your best year yet!

Organizing Yourself: 

Organizing yourself is truly the key to managing the demands of a new school year. Start by investing in a digital planner or agenda to keep track of your assignments, projects, and important dates. Is there an app for that? Of course there is! Your somervilleschools.org email is also a Google account, so utilizing incredible apps like Google Calendar is a surefire way to staying organized! Even an app like Trello can be helpful to set reminders and stay on top of deadlines.Staying organized will help reduce your stress levels and help ensure you're always prepared and setup for success!

Know Your Go-To People: 

You should know that here at The Ville, you're never alone. There is a network of incredible individuals available to help you succeed and grow. Familiarizing yourself with these key individuals will only enrich your school experience more. This of course includes your amazing teachers, but also your Principals and Assistant Principals, guidance counselors, school psychologists, and even the coaches of our various sports teams here at Somerville. Make sure to jot down their contact information and be proactive in reaching out when needed. Creating these connections will make it easier to navigate any academic or personal challenges that may come about.

Create Effective Routines: 

You know how you get up in the morning, brush your teeth, have some breakfast? That's a great routine! Now do that for school related things! Establishing productive routines is super important for maintaining a healthy school-life balance. Determine the best routines for managing your homework, studying, and other responsibilities - and stick to them! Setting aside dedicated time for homework and studying - while minimizing distractions - will help create a positive environment for you to soak in all you're attempting to learn. And consistency in these routines will lead to improved focus and make your academic focus soar!

Build Your Own Community : 

Participating in the various clubs, groups, and sports teams we offer here at The Ville is an excellent way to enrich your student experience. Groups like The Gearheads, clubs like the Genesis club or Cultural awareness Club, as well as the numerous athletic programs we have are just some of the multitude of options available to you. These communities offer opportunities to explore your interests, develop new skills, and build lasting friendships. So whether you're passionate about art, science, sports, or any other pursuit, there's most definitely a club or sport that aligns with your interests. Get involved and make the most of these experiences! 

Make the Most of the New Year: 

You've heard of new year's resolutions, and the same thing applies to the new school year! It's a chance to create new bonds, friendships and connections. Be open to meeting new people and expanding your social circle. Attend school events, join the many extracurricular activities we offer, and engage in conversations with your peers (even the ones you aren't well acquainted with!) Building meaningful relationships will not only enhance your overall school experience but will also offer you a support system during any challenging times. 

As you embark on your this new year at Somerville, you'll be well-prepared to tackle the challenges and opportunities a new academic year has in store when you keep these tips in mind. With fierce dedication and a positive mindset, you can make this school year at The Ville your best one yet!